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2/22/22 Product Update - Check and Checklist Versioning / Library Tags

Checklist Versioning

Checklists and Trainer Checks now support versioning, meaning you can change and update the checklists without affecting reporting for previous versions.

You will now see a historical record of all changes made to a checklist through the builder.  All changes are tracked as draft versions with the option to publish the checklist once the checklist is ready for use. Checklists submitted in the past maintain accurate reporting and scoring based on the historical version of that checklist.

Prior submissions on a historical version will use that version for reporting.  

To get to previous versions, scroll down the Checklist Management Page

Library Tags

You can now apply Tags for Library items which makes it easier for users to find your content.  Chose Edit from the item menu to edit the item's properties.  You can then search for tags and apply them, OR to create a new tag, enter a name for the tag and click Return.  The new tag will be applied and can be used for other Library resources as well.

Support for Badgr

We also now have a preliminary integration with Bagdr to issue badges and certifications.  Please reach out to if you are interested in this feature!

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