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Creating Custom Library Folder Thumbnails and Learning Track Banners

You can customize the look of your ExpandShare site by creating Learning Track Banners and Library Folder Thumbnails. 

We recommend using Google Slides as a simple free tool to create these images. Below we have included the aspect ratios and dimensions recommended for these images.

Learning Track Banners use a 21:9 aspect ratio, with the recommended pixel dimensions being 1000 x 428. These images will need to be uploaded to the Library before they can be attached to the Learning Track. By default, there is an ExpandShare Support folder in your library, within that folder is a Site Graphics folder. Where these images are located in the Library is not essential to this step.

To edit the LT image, go to the Admin Console and then locate the Learning Track you'd like to update. Click the image next to the Active tag to the left of the LT to then select the image you'd like to attach to the Learning Track.

Library Folder Thumbnails use a 16:9aspect ratio, with the recommended pixel dimensions being 1920 x 1080 or 1280 x 720. These images do not need to be uploaded to the Library before being attached to a Library folder.

To edit a Library Folder, start by locating the folder you'd like to edit within the Library. Click the three dots on the folder and click Edit. You can then replace the Library Folder Thumbnail within the edit screen.


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