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9/2/22 Product Update - Periodic Checklists, Pinning Posts & Admin Dashboard

Our development team has been very busy across this summer, so we're catching up on some of the great new features they've already deployed to your ExpandShare site!

Periodic Checklists

You can now track repeating tasks that aren't daily. Clients who use our Checklist feature now have the option to create preventative maintenance, periodic cleaning, and other regular but non-daily tasks using Periodic Checklists. Similar to Daily Checklists, Periodic Checklists are procedural (not scored), but you can set them to be due at any number of days from the last submission in the Checklist Management screen.

If not completed on time, Periodic Checklist will be marked as Overdue until done. The number of overdue periodic checklists and audits roll up to the top level of your Location Reporting screens, so you can keep track of when they are not being done on time from one company wide view.

Pinning Posts

Company Admins (and no other lower admin roles) can select to Pin select posts to the very top of the feed either when creating or editing the post. Pinned posts stay at the top of the feed, even as other posts are made later. If more than one post is pinned, they will be pinned chronologically from the date first created, just like non-pinned posts. Only the original post author can pin or unpin.

Admin Dashboard

We continue to move our features and settings away from the legacy Admin Console, and have launched a new Admin Dashboard out on the mobile front end interface. Company Admins can find this under the Profile tab:

This consolidated Company Admin screen has links to all of the site management tools, even those still back on the legacy (Green) screens. From one page, Company Admins can add new locations, edit Roles, create Courses, assign Learning Tracks, and modify Checklists:

To learn more about any of ExpandShare's features, attend one of our daily training webinars for Company Admins:

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