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Admin: Archiving & Restoring Users

We recommend archiving no longer active staff as a best practice, rather than deleting. Archiving immediately prevents the user from accessing your site via app or browser, no longer counts them as a billable user, and prevents them from receiving any future assignments, reminders or app alerts, but preserves their training records, authored content and other submissions. This can be helpful if you ever need to audit training records for former employees.

Company Admins and Location Admins can go to the Management Console at, click on "Team" in the left hand nav, find the User, select "View" under their name, and then click on "Archive" in the upper right corner.

An archived user can be Restored at any time, making this a convenient way to even temporarily pause an account for a seasonal staff member or one on temporary leave. To Restore an archived user, follow the same pathway, where you will see a Restore button on the archived user's record, which you can click to make the user's account Active again. Their training progress will be preserved and even their previously chosen password will now work again.

If you need a user record to be completely and irreversibly deleted, contact and we will remove the user and their history from your site.

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