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How to Navigate the Library

This is how to navigate the library.

To start, let's click on library.

This is the front of the library. At the top of the screen, you have three tabs. Home, favorites, and all media.

Home is the main screen for navigating the library. This is the page we're currently on. Favorite holds any content in the library you favorited yourself and is personalized per user.

All media is an admin only tab. It holds all the content that's been uploaded onto your Expandshare site.

Let's go back to home.

Looking below these tabs, we see the folders that make up the library. Clicking on these folders will navigate you into it. From here, you can find uploaded content and other folders.

At the top of the screen is the bread crumb. This allows you to navigate and reverse through the library showing the folder you're in and how you got there.

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