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1/6/23 Product Update - New Action Plan Feature Available

ExpandShare customers with our Checklist feature can now create an Action Plan to resolve any defects identified during an Audit.

Action Plans are follow-through tasks with specific assignees and deadlines, to resolve issues found during an Audit. Once an audit has been submitted, the View Report / View Audit options will show the results, as well as a Create Action Plan button in the upper right. Any Role that has rights to complete the Audit will also have rights to create the action plan.

Each of the failed items from the audit are available to add to the action plan, but it is not required to add all of them. Click on each failed item that should be included in the plan, and fill in the Action expected, optional Details as well as the Due Date and Assign to one or more employees from the audited location, available as a drop down/type-ahead. Click Create to include each action.

Save and then Save as Draft if not ready to finalize Action Plan or Save and Finalize when done.

Assignees will immediately be notified of their tasks by app alert or email, and also notified in-app under the Notifications Bell. Assignees will also receive reminders on outstanding tasks until they or another assignee completes the action, with reminders automatically going out 3 days prior to due date, on the due date and when the task is 3 days overdue.

These assignments can be found under the Checklist tab in ExpandShare in a section headed My Tasks. Tasks can be checked off or the arrow clicked to see further Task Details such as the due date and Description, and can be checked off on either screen.

As tasks are completed on the Action Plan, the auditor who created the plan will be notified in real time, either by app alert or email.

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