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Setting up an Integration with ExpandShare

ExpandShare supports user management integration with dozens of other software partners, including Restaurant365, 7shifts, Homebase, Toast, Push, ADP, Paylocity, and dozens of other payroll providers. Having an integration with the software you use for scheduling, payroll or POS makes adding and keeping your employees up-to-date in ExpandShare easy and seamless. Once the integration is turned on, you'll only need to manage your employees in your scheduling/payroll/POS software and they will automatically sync and update in ExpandShare.

To get started on your integration, you’ll need to provide some information about the scheduling/payroll/POS software you are using.

For 7shifts, Homebase, or Restaurant365 Integration:

Fill out our integration form. Click here to go to the Integration Form, or follow the link below:

For Restaurant365 Integration:

You will need to create a user account for our Development Team in Restaurant365 to retrieve data. Follow the instructions below for creating a user with the necessary credentials:

The user type needs to be just ONE of the following:

Accounting Clerk

Accounting Manager

Business Analytics Admin

Business Analytics View Only

The user should be added to each location.

Create a new user for us and set the password. You can use the email address of something like and email that address with their login credentials (password).

Please provide the URL domain of your R365 instance, which will look something like this:

For Paylocity Integration:

Please read and follow this instruction sheet:

For Toast Integration:

Just go to the Toast Integration/API Store to start the process of connecting Toast and ExpandShare. Toast requires you to have Toast Partner Connect activated at each location.

If you have any questions before you complete the above steps, reply back to this email or email

Once your integration has gone live, you will want to review our article on How to Address Duplicates after Integration.

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