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Location Dashboard

Location Dashboard

ExpandShare makes it easy to check and see how your team is doing. To see the Location Profile click Location on the sidebar.


This page has the name of the currently selected location with overall information about Training, Engagement, Health Check and Checklists.


Below the summary information is a list of all sub-locations (if any) in the hierarchy. If you are set as the Location Admin for multiple locations, you will see all of them listed here. You can navigate to the location of your choice by clicking it, which will open up the Location Profile page for that selected location. You can tell when you are in a sub-location by looking at the cookie-crumb indicator at the top.


Once you are in a base-level location, the list below will show Roles and Team. These allow you to quickly get to a particular user or team member.


Once you get to a team member, you can see their roles and location and then an overall summary of training and newsfeed engagement. You can also see TrainingTrainer Checks and Kudos below. Training will show which specific courses are completed or in progress. 

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