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Replacing Old Content in the Library

It's a snap to swap out content in the Library, to provide an updated version or change to to your documents.

Replacing old content or expired content in your courses is just as simple, assuming you used content that was first posted to the Library.  

To get started on replacing content, start by going to the Library from your company page in the Management Console..

Now in the library, open the folder that holds the content you need to edit.

When you find the content you want to replace, click the three small dots at the bottom right of the content.

Choose Edit.

A window will open up with some basic information about the content, this is where we find the option to "Change Content"

From here, select the content from your device to replace the existing content. This will automatically update any learning tracks or courses that use this specific content.

*If you have any questions regarding replacing content, please contact us at

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