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Admin: Quiz Grading

If you are creating a quiz in a course, it is important to know that the system will only grade the questions in that section with the ‘submit and score’. Therefore we highly recommend making that last section of the course your quiz. 

There are two ways to grade an auto-submitted quiz, the first is just using our ‘Submit and Score’ tool and the other using our ‘Knowledge Check’ quiz 

Submit and Score is placed at the end of the quiz and will display all the questions and the employee's response. They have the ability to go back and change their answer but once they click “Submit and Score” their score is finalized. 

If you place a Knowledge check after the submit and score, employees will instantly receive feedback on their incorrect questions. Employees will not be able to complete the quiz unless they go back and answer the question correctly. If the Submit and Score unit is placed before the Knowledge Check, the original score will never change. 

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