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Role-Based Permissions

Role-Based Permissions allow for the customization of a user's permissions, based on their role. This affects many of the admin functions currently available to Location and Company Admins. 

This is the Role Management screen, found in the Admin Dashboard. It is used to display the permissions of each role, along with other Role Management tools. Only the Account Owner can manage these permissions.

To set specific permissions, start by clicking "Edit Role" under one of the roles.

This is the Role Permission management panel. This is where role permissions are directly changed. 

Let's Break down what each permission does.

User Management

  • Add users to their locations
  • Edit users that are members of their locations
  • Remove users from any of their locations. Users must have at least one active location.
  • Archive (Terminate) users from their locations.
  • Reactivate users from their locations.
  • Add/Remove any users role defined by the Managed Roles set (below)

Post Management

  • Post to their locations
  • Archive their own posts

Location View Permission

  • View the location dashboard for their locations
  • View all reporting data for those locations
  • View all child locations for those locations
  • View and search all team members in those locations


  • Sign off on training checklists for any users with a role defined by the Managed Roles set (below)

Training Distribution

  • Assign training to anyone with the roles defined by the Managed Roles set (below)

Managed Roles

  • These are roles that this role can manage and are tied directly to permissions associated above. Eg. A Assistant Manager can execute Trainer Checks on the following set of roles (Host, Server, Bartender)

After selecting the permissions you'd like for this role, click Save.

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