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Why is the Course I opened Blank?

If you open a Course and it appears blank, as in the screen image attached, here are some possible reasons and solutions:

1. If you followed a course link provided by another user, you may be trying to view their assigned Course, rather than your own. Open the Course in your mobile app (if installed) or go to using your web browser. 

2. If your web browser is Internet Explorer, you may have JavaScript disabled, which must be set enabled for ExpandShare Courses to play. 

3. If your web browser is Edge, JavaScript may have been disabled by your company or organization, and it is not possible for you to enable it yourself.

In summary, make sure you are opening the Course from your own account, and not another user's shared link. If JavaScript is disabled on your browser, enable it, or switch to a different web browser or use our ExpandShare mobile app for iOS or Android. If you still cannot get your course to display, contact ExpandShare at

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