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9/30/22 Product Update - New Checklist Features Available Immediately

Our Checklist tool had several major new features released this week, available immediately to help you keep your operations running smoothly and tracked with integrity.

Checklist Preview

All checklist types (Daily, Periodic, Audit, Training Checklists & Self Checks) can now be easily Previewed right from the Editor page and also from the Checklist Management screen. Just click on the eyeball Preview icon or menu option to see how your form is shaping up, then Go Back to editing.

Information Units

A new type of field has been added to all checklist types called Information. These fields can be used for text instructions and attached video, image or document files, such as PDF. The attachments can be added from your Library or directly from your device, and are a great way to demonstrate a procedure or explain the steps in a process relevant to the checklist.

Field by Field Completion Tracking

By popular request, we’ve increased our tracking details on all checklists to include not just the name of the team member who submitted the form, but also line by line accountability for who answered each question. For Daily and Periodic checklists, the field by field user logging is right on the checklist report, while for audits, training checklists and self checks, it is visible by expanding the detail. All PDFs generated using the Print Checklist option under the three dots ⋮ also includes tracking for each line. This is great for accountability and also for ensuring that checklists are being delegated and team completed.

Other Streamlining for Checklists

Other aspects of creating, completing and reporting on checklists were also streamlined, including one fewer screen needed to create new checklists, a Description field visible to checklist users, and a new Date Picker for viewing past submissions.

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