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What is the Newsfeed?

Newsfeed is your way of reaching out to users in your locations. The newsfeed may be used to post resources from your Library, send out Instant Assignments, share media directly from your device, or even send out company updates.

Our Newsfeed comes with many features similar to what is found on social media. Under a post, you may; Like, Comment, and with the right permissions even check the audience it's directed towards. 


If a post is visible on your feed, you have permission to comment on these posts to share your thoughts. Or, if you'd like to share your support in a simpler way, Clicking the thumbs-up icon shows you like the post, and the creator can see this through their Newsfeed.

Coming soon, we'll be adding a new feature to the Newsfeed. This will allow for the use of scheduled posts. Currently, the functionality is subject to change, but this feature will allow a user to have a post be created days or even weeks prior to its intended post date. These posts will be allowed to have a date and time selected, the time being based on the timezone of the client. On the poster's Newsfeed, they will see this scheduled post as if it has been posted, with a flag showing it has not gone live yet. Nobody else can see these posts until the date and time have been reached. These may also have notifications attached to them.

When you log into ExpandShare, one of the first items you'll see is the Newsfeed. The newsfeed is actually broken into 3 different tabs, each with a specific purpose. Please note, that anyone below Location Admin will only see the Feed. Location Admins and higher will see "Feed" and "My Posts", While full company admins will see the two previous tabs AND an "All Posts" tab. Also, since anyone lower than a company admin doesn't see the other two tabs, they don't even see the tab "Feed" since it IS the only tab.

The first tab is the "Feed". This is where you'll find posts directed at either your specific role or location. This holds the most relevant information for you as an employee.


The second tab is "My Posts". This is for Location admins and higher, for those who have permission to make posts on ExpandShare. This is a simplified way of finding posts you may have made in the past, without having to dig through everything else on your feed.


The third and final tab, which is for full company admins only, is the "All Posts" tab. This gives those with permission a full company overview of posts on ExpandShare.

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