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5/26/23 Product Update - ExpandShare AI: Artificial Intelligence Capabilities

For months, our developers have been studying ways for the ExpandShare app to use artificial intelligence to make it easy to create, improve and translate their training and operations. We're excited now to announce to our customers that your existing site already includes the first ExpandShare AI enhancements, free and ready for you to use immediately.

We've harnessed the same technology that powers ChatGPT to make it easier for you to write and enhance announcements, faster to create new operations or audit checklists from scratch, and simple for your employees to translate your posts from English into other common languages, all right in the ExpandShare app. 

Generate Posts with AI

Need to write a post about a new LTO or weekend special, but don't have time to wordsmith? Click the AI microchip icon below the text area to Generate Post and have AI help you get your message together.

Just type in a phrase to get the process started and click Generate. The AI will take a moment to put together the announcement for you and place it right into the "Type Message" area:

Whether you write the first draft of the post yourself or have AI generate it, once you have some text in the box, you'll see a new magic wand icon to use AI to Improve Post. Clicking this will analyze the text and rewrite it for you. You can also tweak the rewrites by clicking the Options button and selecting one or several of options to Simplify, Change Tone and Change Formality. Click Apply to make these edits and click Accept when you're happy with the wording.

AI Assist for Checklists

We also provide AI tools to help you create your next daily, periodic, or audit checklist. When you create a new form, you now have the option for Use ExpandShare AI. Simply select the checklist type and enter text for your topic, click Generate, and in just a minute, all of the steps of a checklist will be created in the builder.

Language Translation for Posts

If your employee base has a diversity of languages they are most comfortable with, ExpandShare helps support your communication with AI-assisted translation on the fly. All of your past and future posts can be easily translated into Spanish, French, German, Hindi, Italian or Polish with a single click on the Translate dropdown below every Post by any reader.

These are just the first few AI-empowered features in ExpandShare, and we expect more to follow. We encourage you to try these out and let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions for future support and development.

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