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4/21/22 Product Update—Location Assigned Training and Self Check

A new capability in ExpandShare is the ability of Location Admins to assign training to the users at their location.  Company Admins can allow certain learning tracks to be assignable in the Learning Track Settings in the Management Console. Just click to make the training assignable.

Once that is set, then a location admin can go to any User Profile of their team and click to see the learning tracks and assign them out to their users.  This allows a local manager more control over their training and onboarding process.

Another new feature is an addition to the newly released self-check checklist.  Now, managers can also complete self check items, either separately or simultaneously.  This is especially useful for shadowing and reverse shadowing where both the trainer/manager and the employee are stepping through an onboarding process.

Anyone with Location Admin permissions or above can now add a Self Check from the Training page

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