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1/12/24 Product Update - Enhanced Checklist

We are happy to start off the new year by announcing a significant update to our Checklist feature. This update includes enhanced usability, support for Not Applicable (NA) sections, and improved styling. These upgrades apply immediately to all checklist formats, including Daily and Periodic Operations, Audits and Training Checklists.

Streamlined Usability

Our entire Checklist interface has been redesigned to be more efficient and intuitive, especially for use on mobile devices with limited screen size. With a cleaner layout and more responsive controls, users can navigate and complete items more easily than ever before. 

The redesign particularly focuses on improving the experience for multi-section checklists, collapsing completed sections, and showing certain buttons only when necessary like the Notes and Photos.

Checklist sections now show progress depicted by the blue line below the section header and collapse and expand when applicable.

Support for Not Applicable (NA) Sections

Understanding that not every section of a checklist is relevant to every user, we've introduced the option to mark sections as Not Applicable (NA). This feature allows users to streamline their checklists, focusing only on the items that matter to them. It’s a simple yet powerful way to customize your checklist experience.

When building a checklist you have the option to allow for users to mark individual items as NA.  Now you can also mark entire Sections available to be set NA.

Once set the user has the option to set that section NA.  See the screenshots below.

Get Started with the New Checklist!

We invite you to explore these exciting new features and see how they can enhance your productivity. As always, we value your feedback and are committed to continuous improvement. Try out our new Checklist today and experience the difference!

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