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Common Course Issues

Why doesn't my training have sound?

Most audio issues with playback on a mobile device are because the mute button is enabled. Before troubleshooting any further, make sure this slider is disabled.

Check your mute button (the physical slider on the side of the device), to see if it is in the muted position. Typically, when set to mute, it shows a little bit of neon orange(iPhone). Also, when you first set it to mute, the device will vibrate once. So if you can't see the orange, switch it until you feel the vibrate, then switch it back the other way to be unmuted.

Why can't I scroll down to see the submit button?

If you are unable to scroll down on a question, you might be using an older version of Internet Explorer as your web browser. Some questions and media are not supported on older versions of IE. Try Chrome or Firefox as an alternative web browser, or use the ExpandShare mobile app instead.

Why aren't the graphics loading on ExpandShare Website? 

If the site isn't loading properly, there may be something blocking ExpandShare's online resources from being used by your web browser. 

1. Most often this is a momentary resource issue, and reloading/refreshing your web browser will connect properly.

2. If you are logged in to a company VPN (Virtual Private Network), log off of VPN and return to ExpandShare.

3. Your company network or firewall might be restricting access to our site. Check with your IT to see if they can whitelist

4. Another option is to use our ExpandShare mobile app for iOS or Android.

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