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Admin: Creating Groups

Once you are comfortable with your home screen dashboard, the next step is to create your store's groups. By creating groups, you will be able to separate your employees and assign them role-specific courses and assignments. 

From your home screen, click the “Groups” section and you will be brought to a new window. 

Click the “Create Groups”

Though you can be as detailed as you want -- We recommend keeping it simple! 

We also recommend having a separate Admin and Manager group that will give you a place to upload more sensitive documents and allow special ExpandShare privileges to. 

You can always add, edit and delete groups, as well as filter them by location. 

Before you move on to locations, activate your Team Code Enrollment settings by clicking the Team Code button on the top right of the page. We recommend activating everyone that is not an Admin or Manager. Once you have completed building out your company groups, you can move on to locations!

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