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Copying Content

You can copy the content in your media library to multiple folders using the Copy Clipboard.  Copying content in the library is only possible for Company Admins.  If you are a Location Admin, Reporting Admin, or a User, you will not have access to copying files in the library.

To copy content in your library, you must be on the Admin/Management Console.  

To get to the Admin/Management Console from the front end, first click Profile at the bottom of the menu on the left.


Then, click Go to Admin Console (Opens in new window).  

This will take you to the Admin/Management Console in a new window.  It will look like this.

From there, select Library in the menu on the left.

Then click Switch to Legacy at the bottom of the menu with the red key symbol.  This will open your Library Manager.

Once you've made it to this step, you can follow this video walkthrough.

Here's step by step instructions as well.

Navigate to the folder that holds the file you wish to copy, and find the file.  On the right side of the screen, there is a checkbox next to each file.  Select the box for the file you want to copy.

When you select it, a blue box will appear at the top of the list of files that says Selected Files (1).  This number will increase each time you select another file.

If you have more than one file you want to copy to the same location, check the boxes for all of them.  If the files are in other folders, click the blue folder icon at the top of the list of files to go back one level, and then navigate to the folder that holds the next file you want to copy.

Once you have all your files selected, navigate to the folder you wish to copy them into.  Then, click the blue box near the top of the page that says Selected Files.

Look over the list of files you have selected.  If you decide you don’t need to copy some of the selected files, just click the Unselect button to the right of each file. 

Once your list of files is accurate, click the +Copy button.  This will copy the files into the folder you’re in.

To copy the same list of files into another location, click Close near the bottom right of the Manage Content box.  

Then navigate to the next folder you wish to copy the files into.  Click Selected Files again, then the +Copy button.  You can copy your list of files into as many locations as you would like using this method.

When you’re done copying those files, click Unselect All then OK to empty your clipboard.

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