You can copy the content in your media library to multiple folders using the Copy Clipboard. To do this, Click the little checkboxes next to the content you’d like to move. Once you select the item(s), you’ll see a blue button appear at the top of the screen titled “Selected Items.”Screen_Shot_2018-06-14_at_11.18.19_AM.png

Now, navigate to where you would like the new content, and click the blue button. A window will open that looks like this:


Here, you can unselect any items before copying them, and also confirm you are copying them into the correct folder path at the top of the window. When you’re ready, click “+Copy” and the items will be duplicated into the folder. You can duplicate files as many times as you like, as long as the duplicates aren’t in the same folder. When you’ve finished using files in your clipboard, remember to click “Unselect All” to empty the clipboard.