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3/16/22 Product Update - New Feature - Self Check

Training Checklists in ExpandShare have typically required a manager or admin to check off items on a trainer check.

However, there are occasions when you might want an employee to check themselves.  For example, if there are list of tasks they need to self-research, or onboarding tasks.  Anything that does not need to be verified by a trainer for some reason can be set up as a Self Check.

Company Admins can add a Self Check to Learning Tracks just as they can add Trainer Checks. 

You'll find Self Checks in same place as Trainer Checks, just click the Gear in the Training Menu, then choose Self Checks 

Once you have created a Self Check, you can add it to a Learning Track in the Admin Console, exactly as you do with Trainer Checks.

The user must then complete the Self Check in order to complete the Learning Track.

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