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1/25/22 Product Update - Audit Checklist Reporting Improvements

Audit Reporting Now Aggregated Across Location Hierarchy

Reporting for Audit checklists has now been improved to make it easy to see rollups and comparisons of recent audit scores and number of overdue locations throughout your hierarchy. Management can quickly compare regions and stores based on audit performance and see which locations are overdue for inspections, then drill down for more details.

Audits now have their own report line on the top level of the Location tab, including an average of most recent submissions for each store location and total number of overdue audits.

Clicking on the Audits report line will open the first location level view, with roll up reporting at each district or region level as you drill down to specific locations.

When you reach the location level with completed audits, you’ll see a breakdown of all audit-style checklists for that store, including the score of the most recent submission. Click on an audit to view all submissions, including date stamp, name of auditor, pass/fail status and score. 

Each Audit can be opened to see scores broken down by section and markings per unit, including any comments or photos attached to each item.

Visibility to submitted audits is based on the location admin rights of each user. Company Admins can see all submissions and roll ups, while district and regional managers can see their level and all locations below. At the store level, any user with Location Admin rights can view the full audit report details.

The ExpandShare Checklist feature supports many processes, including daily Operations Tasks, individual COVID Health Check, and location Audits, including: Site Visit, Safety Audit, Food Safety, Health Inspection Review, scheduled Preventive Maintenance, and periodic Cleaning Schedules. 

If your ExpandShare contract already includes Checklist, this new functionality is available immediately.  If Checklist isn’t yet a part of your ExpandShare agreement or if you would like to set up an admin training call, contact Amber Doll at or set up a meeting from her calendar at

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