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11/30/21 Product Update - Location Specific Checklists & Post Like Reporting

Checklist Feature now Supports Location Assignment!

ExpandShare is pleased to introduce support for assigning Daily/Procedural Checklists and Periodic Audits to one or more locations. Previously, Company Admins could assign Checklists by Group/Role, but we now permit assignment to any combination of locations as well. If you have used the location & group assignment for Posts on the Home tab, then the expanded assignment in Checklist will be familiar to you.

To help Company Admins view Checklist assignments, we've also added a helpful filter in the Checklist Management area. Company Admins can click on the funnel icon to quickly customize the list of Checklists shown, based on the audience of locations and/or groups.

If your ExpandShare contract already includes Checklist, this new functionality is available immediately. Any Checklists made before this feature will continue to be assigned to All Locations by default until the audience is edited. If Checklist isn’t yet a part of your ExpandShare agreement or if you would like to set up an admin training call, contact Amber Doll at or set up a meeting from her calendar.

Post Reporting on Likes

Since we've added social media features to Posts, we've had a lot of interest in visibility to not just the number of Likes, but also the list of users who gave their thumbs up. We're happy to announce that this information is immediately available (even for past posts and likes) to all users. Simply click on the Likes counter to see the list. 

All users continue to have access to see the basic audience details and view counts for each post by clicking on Audience, and Company Admins and post authors (including Location Admins) continue to have detailed reporting on all users who have Viewed / Not Viewed their posts by clicking on Audience > Views.


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