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June 2024 Release Notes


New Features

  • The Knowledgebase section of the Admin Dashboard now includes a Chat Reporting feature! The Knowledge Base Report provides a breakdown of user feedback and interactions with the chatbot, allowing admins to analyze the results the chatbot provided and modify knowledgebase contents to remedy any omissions or oversights.
  • Automatically notify a location when a team member receives recognition. Admins can set recognition to automatically post to the location's Newsfeed, increasing visibility and acknowledgment of user contributions. To enable this feature, select the ‘Notify location via newsfeed when a team member receives recognition’ checkbox in Admin > Notifications.

Major Improvements

  • The Table of Contents drawer in the Learning Tracks 2.0 Mobile Player enhances content accessibility on mobile devices.
  • The Knowledge Base Report displays the total number of interactions as well as the number of positive and negative interactions, providing more comprehensive analytics and better insight into chatbot usage.
  • The Knowledgebase chatbot attaches all sources to conversations to enhance the reliability and detail of answers.
  • The Knowledge Base Report now includes a pie chart for all classifications on the Knowledgebase dashboard, offering a visual representation of classification data.
  • The Course Player features an improved display size for interactive exercises, optimizing the user experience.
  • Content scaling has been implemented in the Course Player, optimizing viewability for larger screens and ensuring a consistent and high-quality display.

Minor Improvements

  • Empty state colors have been added to BETA courses, improving visual clarity and user experience.
  • The checklist preview has been enhanced by adding a collapse section feature, improving user navigation and readability.
  • Improvements have been made to the action plan generation process for better efficiency and usability.
  • Additional information has been added on the Integrations page, providing more detailed and useful insights for company administrators and support personnel.

New Courses

  • Resy added 4 new courses! Resy’s restaurant partners use Resy OS to run their businesses smarter and more efficiently. The new courses introduce learners to the Resy Dashboard, Resy OS for iPad, and Advanced Reservation Management.
  • Clover POS added 9 new courses! Clover’s powerful point of sale apps allow users to track inventory and manage employees. The new courses go over adding images to the menu, managing the menu, and accepting PayPal and Venmo QR code payments.
  • Grubhub for Restaurants added 6 new courses! With a place for every taste, it’s easy to order online or through the Grubhub app. With these courses, learners will master GrubHub for Restaurants and become experts on menu management.
  • DoorDash for Merchants added 2 new courses! DoorDash, Inc. operates an online food ordering and food delivery platform. These new courses teach the basics of the DoorDash Merchant Portal.
  • Uber Eats for Merchants added 25 new courses! Uber Eats connects people with local restaurants and food delivery services. These courses teach learners who to add new menu items and create Modifier Groups, as well as how to manage items, pricing, and descriptions.
  • Ottimate added 17 new courses! Ottimate, formerly known as Plate IQ, specializes in AI-based accounts payable (AP) automation software. Ottimate's new training courses go over adding and removing users, creating invoices, and item mapping.
  • Henny Penny Training added 19 new courses! Henny Penny is also a well-known manufacturer of commercial kitchen equipment. The new courses cover cooking screen usage, daily filter pan cleaning, and fixing a stuck spindle assembly on a 4-head pressure fryer.
  • MarginEdge Training added 3 new courses! MarginEdge is a restaurant management system that was created to get you out of the back office and back onto the floor. Connect your POS, link your accounting system, and send your invoices. The new courses focus on navigation, using the orders screen, and uploading invoices.
  • Hot Schedules Training added 35 new courses! HotSchedules (by Fourth) supports restaurants and hospitality businesses with hiring and retaining employees, scheduling, forecasting, human resource management, and payroll compliance processes. These new courses teach learners how to manage schedules and create labor budgets.

Updated Courses

  • Driver Safety teaches safe driving, checking the vehicle before a shift, and what to do if an incident occurs while making a delivery.
  • Deliver Customer Service elevates the learner’s customer service skills, turning an ordinary delivery into an excellent experience for your customers.

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