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Building Checklists

Checklists can be used for daily tasks that need to be completed.

To build a checklist start by clicking the gear at the right of the checklists page, then click the blue plus sign.

You'll need to give it a title and a time due each day.

You can also dictate which Roles this checklist will be visible to.

This example shows that Send to all roles is selected

You should choose if you want it to be active or inactive. If your list is inactive, your users will not be able to see or complete it. The default of checklists are inactive. 

Here, only the Administrators will see the checklist, although multiple roles can be selected.

Click Save to open task creation.

After selecting the time, click add tasks.

Now you're adding items to the checklist. Each one will have a Step Title, a completion style(Yes/No, Checkbox, Short Text, Long Text, Temperature).

There is also an optional description for each step.

You can also select if a step is required, allow photos, or show n/a if applicable.

If you like, you can click Add Section at the bottom left to divide the tasks into sections. You'll need to. title the section before adding items to it.

You may have found when you were making your checklist it is out of order from what you want it to be. Well if you click the 6 dots to the left of any item it can be dragged around to change the order.

Be sure to hit Done at the top right to complete and create the checklist.

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