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Chapter 8: Reporting and Other Admin Functions

Chapter 8


As your team progresses through training, you want to see what’s going on, and so do your location managers.


There is reporting on both the User Side and Admin side of the app. The User Side reporting provides some basic mobile overviews and mobile tools for Admins and Location Admins to use on their phones.


User Side Reporting


On the User Side, choose Location from the toolbar.  There is a summary at the top that shows Training, Engagement and if you have it installed, Health Check.


Under that you’ll see a list of Locations, Roles and Team that you can drill down into to see progress on the training that has been assigned to those users.  So you can quickly check to see who’s got their training done and is ready to go.  


This level of reporting will take care of 90% of what most admins need on an ongoing basis.


Admin Side Reporting


The admin side has a Dashboard that shows activity and similar information to what you see on the Location page on the User Side.


If you choose Courses from the Sidebar and click Report you can generate a very detailed report of how your team answered particular questions and so on.  These reports are very useful when you’re looking to improve your training.


You can view any individual team member’s progress by searching for them under Team and selecting View.  This will show all their profile information and progress.  


Re-inviting Users


If a user has not yet accepted their invitation, they will appear as Invited rather than Active.  You can reinvite a user by clicking View on their record in the Team list and then click the Resend Invitation button.


Archiving users


To remove users from the system, click the Archive button on the User page.  Archived users will no longer be able to access your ExpandShare and won’t count toward your user totals or any other reporting. Their records remain intact for future reference and they can be reactivated any time.



ExpandShare integrates with several systems for user management including 7-Shifts and Homebase. Please reach out to if you are interested in setting up an integration.


If you are a developer we have open APIs. Documentation is available at

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