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Chapter 7: Setting up your Location Managers and other Admins

Chapter 7


You’ll want your Location Managers like GMs to be able to see reporting for their locations. In order to do that, you’ll want to make sure they have Admin permissions set. Go to the Team page in the Sidebar Menu, and then find the user you want to make an Admin.  Click Edit.

From the Profile page you can check the boxes to make the user an Administrator or Company Admin just like you.  These people will then have full administrative powers in ExpandShare.


If you want a user to just have control over a particular location or store, you set that up under Locations.  Enter the location name in the Search window until you find the Location you want and click Add.  Then choose the powers you want the user to have, including:


Admin: which allows the manager to add and archive users to their team

Reports: which allows the manager to see reporting for this location

Post: which allows the manager to send Newsfeed Posts to this location.


Note that if you choose a location in the hierarchy, that user will have these powers for all locations below their level.  That way a regional manager can see and manage all of their stores, for example.

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