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Chapter 6: Creating and Modifying Courses

Chapter 6


Courses are sets of videos, documents and questions used to teach your users.  Creating the content for courses is the most challenging part of taking your training online.  Here are some tips for making it easy.


1.     Start with your tests.  You probably have a paper onboarding test that you use to test knowledge when you first train a new employee.  Get those tests into the system and automated!  It will only take about an hour to get those quizzes in there, and it will save you and your managers a ton of time.

2.     Create a Handbook Verification Course.  There is a sample handbook course in the Starter pack that has the handbook and a verification question at the end.  Put your handbook in, and you have a quick and easy handbook verification ready to go for new employees

3.     Food safety and Sexual Harassment.  These courses are basically ready to go out-of-the-box.  

4.     Mission, Culture and Values. Now it’s time to create your first real training. Have the owner or key manager speak to the key points about the history and values of your concept.  You can shoot it on a phone in the restaurant pretty quickly and easily.  Or the ExpandShare content team can create a professional one for you for about $500.  This is a key part of getting your employees onboarded.

5.     Steps of Service and Menu.  Create courses that train on your steps of service and key information about products. We have tips on how to create your own training videos HERE.  And again, for $500 we can create professional level courses for you if you need help.



The Course Builder


To get to the Course Builder, choose Courses from the Sidebar Menu.  You’ll see a list of the installed Starter Pack courses. You can create a new course by clicking the Create button. But for now, choose Edit on the Delivery Customer Service Course.


You’ll see the Course Builder page with the title and description of the course.  At the bottom are the course Chapters and Units.  


Click the Introduction to see the Intro Page for this course.  This course consists of an intro page, a video, three questions and a knowledge check.


The Intro page gives the user a quick overview of what they are going to watch.  It’s a nice-to-have on your courses.  The video is the heart of the course material.  You can click the Plus + icon to add a new unit to your courses, including Video.


There are three multiple choice questions and then what’s called a Knowledge Check.  A knowledge check is what kicks in if a user misses a question on the test.  It reviews the material to remind them and then asks them to answer correctly.  The initial score for each test taker is recorded so you can see how they did, but every user must pass with 100% if there is a Knowledge Check at the end.

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