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Chapter 5: Learning Tracks

Chapter 5

In your Starter Pack, you have training programs that are organized into Learning Tracks—sets of Courses and other content that get assigned in a particular order. For example you might have a Team Orientation Track that has a set of Courses in it like:


-       Introduction to the Restaurant

-       Mission and Culture

-       Sexual Harassment Training

-       Employee Handbook


And a Server Job Duties Learning Track that has


-       Food Handler Training 

-       Steps of Service

-       Food Menu

-       Drink Menu

-       Sidework 


Take a look at these and think about what Courses you want to have in your Onboarding Learning Tracks for new employees.  Many of the existing Learning Tracks can be assigned right away with no modifications or changes—things like sexual harassment or food safety.

The very first Learning Track you should assign is the one labeled ExpandShare Overview.  This set of training will teach your users all about the app and how to use it.


Assigning a Learning Track and Notifying Users


When you are ready to assign a Learning Track, go to Learning Tracks in the Sidebar Menu and click Assign under the Track you wish to send out.  You can choose the Groups and Locations you wish to assign this content to.


You should assign content to your Test Group before sending out to everyone!


When you assign training, the Learning Track will appear in the Training menu on the user side of the app.  If you wish to notify users that the training is available, click the Notify button after you assign it.  Users will receive a push notification if they are on the app, or an email if they are web only.


Also, by default, users will receive a weekly email reminder of any incomplete training until it’s done.

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