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Chapter 4: The Library

Chapter 4

The Library is where you can organize resources and materials for your users to access. Users cannot upload or share anything to the Library—it’s strictly top-down. When you think about the structure for your Library, consider how you can make it as easy as possible for your team to find what they need. 


In your Starter Pack, there will already be a set of Folders and Files in place and you can use those as a starting place.  The Team Folder should be used for content that all your employees might need.  Then there are folders by role like Front of House  and Kitchen and Manager. Here are some suggestions for things that can go in the Library for instant reference:


-       Your Employee Handbook

-       Opening and Closing Checklists

-       Seating Charts

-       Sidework Checklists

-       Recipes

-       Safety Documents

-       Job Aids


Often the top level of the Library will be set up by Roles or Topics.  Remember that you will be able to permission both Folders and Files so they are seen only by the Groups you want.


You can upload content like Photos and Videos directly from your Phone, but it’s easiest to build out your Library on a computer or tablet.


And finally, remember that the Library supports visuals for the folder thumbnails. One of the things you can do to make things easier to navigate is to use images or icons on the folders to identify the type of content within.


Step 1: Add Folders


To add folders to the library, click Library in the sidebar of the Management Console.  This will take you to the Library Admin window.  To add folders, click the button and choose Add Folder.  You can give the folder a display name and choose an image for the folder.  Check out the support site for advice on how to format thumbnail images for folders.  You can then set permissions for the folder by role—roles that are unchecked will not have access to the folder or any content in it.


Step 2: Add Content


To add content, navigate to the folder you want to add to and click the + button and choose Add Content.  Choose Upload File(s) from the content type selection.  You can then choose single files or multiple files from your computer.  Click Open.  You’ll see the upload progress in the content window.   Once everything has been uploaded, choose Create Content to finalize the files.

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