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Chapter 3: Adding Users

Chapter 3

You already learned how to invite users individually to the system in the first chapter. There are several other methods that may save you time.


Using Team Codes


Team codes allow your users to self-register, rather than requiring you invite them. This is very useful if you don’t have the email addresses for all your intended users. Team codes are location based—each location can have its own team code, so users who are added this way can be placed in your organization correctly. When users self-register, they will be allowed to choose their role from a list.  


To generate a team code, go to the Locations tab and click the Generate button next to the Team Code field.   This is the Code that folks in that location will use to register


To select which roles will be active for this location, go to Groups/Roles and click the Team Code Enrollment Settings button.  Then check the roles that users can select.


When users go to the login page on either their browser or the app, they select Have a Team Code? Click Here and enter the Team Code for their location to start the registration process.

Import Users from CSV File


You can import large groups of users from a CSV file by clicking the Add From File button on the Invite page. The file must be comma-separated and follow this format: “Email, First Name, Last Name, Group, Location” and each entry must be a separate line in the csv file.  Group and Location names must match exactly, otherwise new Groups and Locations will be created on import.  You can also send the file to and we can help get your users situated if you have a large group to import.

Once you get all your users in, you are ready to start using Newsfeed to communicate key information to them, share documents in the Library and assign Training.

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