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Chapter 2: Setting Up Your Company Hierarchy, Groups and Locations

Chapter 2.


Setting up the rest of your hierarchy of locations and roles for ExpandShare prepares you to assign and share training and other content with the right people in your organization. Do this before you invite the rest of your users to the system.


Step 1. Set Up Your Groups/Roles


You already learned how to create a Test Group. Now create groups for all the roles or types of employees you have in your organization. With your Starter Pack, you will already have a set of default groups that you can use. Delete the ones you don’t need.  Most organizations set up Groups based on Title or Role in the organization. 


Step 2. Set up Your Locations


Locations are usually geographic or physical locations like stores, markets, regions, areas, etc.  Locations can be arranged in a hierarchy, for example you can have the Eastern Division and the Western Division and then different Locations under those.  


Start at the top and create the parent locations first and then the children.


To create locations, go to the Locations tab in the side menu.  Click the Create Location button.  Give your location a name and if applicable, its address information.  You can also select the Parent location here if it’s a child.  Click Save to save it. The hierarchy is scalable, so you can create a location structure that is very deep if you need to.


Now you’ve got your organization ready for users. 

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