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Chapter 1: Logging In and Sending Your First Newsfeed Post

Chapter 1

Let’s get started in ExpandShare! We’ll help put your training on rails, but there are a few things you need to do to get going. This Getting Started Guide will help you get fully deployed and operational with your online training and onboarding. 

We’ll start by logging in and sending your first Newsfeed Post.


Step 1. Log In


When you first signed up for ExpandShare, you received an email invite with a Join Now button. When you click that button, you will be asked to enter your name and choose a password. Once your credentials are set up, you can log in to the app on either a mobile device or any web browser.

Step 2. Check out the User Experience


When you first sign in you’ll be in the User Experience, also called the “User Side” of the app. The User Experience is where your users (and you) can consume the training, resources and other content. Since you are Restaurant Admin, then you will have the Starter Pack installed, which includes a full set of folders, roles, training courses and more already set up.  

Try it: Take a tour around the user side to see what’s there. Click and view some of the built-in Starter Pack content you see there.


There is some admin functionality that can be accessed from the User Side, including posting new content in the Newsfeed, Reporting and uploading photos and other content to the Library but many Admin tools are in the Management Console.

Step 3. Go to the Management Console


In order to perform administrative functions in the app, you need to get to the Management Console, also called the “Back End” or “Admin” part of the app. If you are in a web browser, just click the Gear icon in the toolbar.  In the app, click Profile then click Go To Admin Console (Opens in a new window).  The Management Console is designed to be used on a desktop or tablet rather than on a smartphone. 

Try it: Navigate to the Management Console on your browser.


Step 4. Set up a Test Group


Groups allow you to organize your users into roles or other categories. With Starter Pack installed, you will have some groups already set up in your account. One of the things you should do is set up a Test Group of people you trust to try things in the app. They can help you beta test your training and other content before sending to a larger audience.


Click Groups/Roles on the sidebar menu and click the Create Group button.  Give your Group a name and an optional Description and save it.  Now you’re ready to invite some users.

Try it: Create your own Test Group.


Step 5. Prep Your Test Users


Before you invite your users, let them know what’s happening. Send them a heads up email. You can include this Quick Start Guide for Users to let them know how to get going on the user side.


Try it: Send a prep email out to your test group and include the user guide.

Step 6. Invite your Test Users


To invite your first users to your test group, click Team on the sidebar menu.  Click Invite New Members.  Enter the Email, First Name and Last Name for each user.  Then assign them to the Test Group by searching for the name of your test group in the Groups field.


Click the Send Invitations button to send invitation emails to your users.  They will get emails just like you did when you first signed up.

Try it: Invite your test users


Step 7. Send Your First Newsfeed Post


Now you need to go back to the User Experience to send your first Newsfeed Post.  To get back to the User Experience, click the Home button in the Management Console top navigation.  Click Newsfeed in the user sidebar and click in the What do you have to say? field.  Type your message in the Field and then click the audience control labeled Share with: Everyone.  To send this message just to your Group, click the Select Roles button and then choose your Test Group from the menu.   Click Continue Posting and then click the Post button.

This message will now appear in your test group’s feed, and they’ll get a notification if they’ve already set up their account.

Try it: Send your first post.


Congrats!  You are off and running with the ExpandShare app!

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