We get lots of questions about why ExpandShare is right for restaurants. Here are a few of the more frequently asked questions we get from restaurant owners and managers:

Why is training such a challenge for restaurants?  

There are a couple of reasons. First, turnover in the foodservice industry is often high, which means you are training new employees all the time. And in fact, good training can reduce turnover because one of the key reasons employees leave is that they report training as being poor or non-existent. Also, restaurants are in the service business and are trying to promote a specific concept or model which can only be done through effective training of front line employees. And in the back of the house, food cost, quality and food safety are all dependent on a well-trained kitchen staff.  

Why eLearning? Why not do the live training like we are used to?

There is always going to be a hands-on, shoulder-to-shoulder component to restaurant training. However, much of it can be offloaded to eLearning. Menus, procedures, company culture, rules--all of these can be taught using eLearning. It’s always on, always the same, always available for when employees need it, right on their phones or computers. It also costs less than live training, up to 70% less. And finally, it’s trackable and automated which means you can quickly see who’s trained and who’s not and actually do something about it with just a few clicks.

Why does video work well for training restaurant employees?

Video training is particularly good for restaurant training because you can demonstrate concepts and information. But it’s also the best way to engage with audiences, with more than 3x the engagement of written text documents and information. But just putting videos online doesn’t cut it, you need to track it, assess the people watching it and have a training strategy behind it.

What is microlearning?

Microlearning is short eLearning content which is designed to be easily digested by your audience. Any training which can be taken in just a minute or two is considered microlearning.  Microlearning is perfect for engaging with modern audiences, and it allows people to take training without setting aside hours of their time. It’s also a great way to do refresher training.

Can I have my employees do training outside of work?

It depends on your company policies and employment rules, but many restaurants would not hesitate to ask an employee to study the menu at home before they come to work--eLearning falls into the same category. We have clients who also require that employees take the training at work, on the clock, and some of them also compensate employees for after-hours coursework.

What is the best way to use ExpandShare to maximize my training?

The best training programs are fleshed out over time with more and better content, constantly assessing, tracking and applying the competency of staff to business results.

For onboarding, it’s about having all the bases covered and making sure employees are up to speed. For ongoing training it’s about setting objectives and achieving them.  For example “I want to increase my dessert sales by 10%”. Implement a training program to teach servers how to upsell desserts, track their knowledge and see if you impact the training results. The platform gives you all the information and tools to be able to do that.

Can I use ExpandShare to keep already trained users up to speed?

Yes, you can! You can create campaigns or “Roadmaps” of quizzes and content which can be delivered out over time, automatically.

Can I share resources and documents on ExpandShare?

Yes, that’s one of the primary features of the app--there is a visual library where any user can quickly click and find your key documents, resources, videos and other information. You can also assign that information to users if you want to make sure they view it.

Is it mobile compatible?

ExpandShare is not just mobile compatible, it’s literally designed from the ground up to be a mobile experience. There are native apps for iOS and Android which support push notifications, but it also works equally well on a mobile browser. And of course it works well on desktops and laptops too.

How will this app help my restaurant make more money?

Here’s a stat for you from a national eLearning research foundation:  42% of companies using eLearning reported an increase in revenue after implementing their programs, and revenue per employee was reported to be 26% higher for companies that offer training using technology.

Where am I going to find the time to put together all this training and content?

We make it easy to get started. You don’t have to build out a huge training program right away.  First, we include stock content on some key topics like food safety, alcohol safety and sales and upselling. We also have fully-baked training courses created for positions like hosts and servers and bartenders. But you can also just upload content that you already have, like, say, a menu or a handbook--then you can add a couple of questions as a quiz, and blast it out to your team. It takes just a minute to do and you build your set of training content out over time and track it as you go.