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Admin: Uploading Multiple Files at a Time

1. Make sure that you are working on the Library from the web app “front end”, with a black bar at the top at It is also possible to edit your library from the Management Console, with the green header bar, but without many of the latest features, including multiple file import. 

2. To add content, you need to be at least within one folder level, so don’t try to add content on the very top or Home level. Click the + in the upper right corner and choose Add Content from the dropdown:

3. Choose Upload File(s) from the pop up. If you only see “Upload File”, then you are using the older library manager, see step 1:

4. You will then have a selection window open from your local operating system. Now you can select either one or many files to import and click on Open in the lower right corner of the window. If you are unfamiliar with how to select more than one file, on Mac use Command+Click and on Window use CTLR+Click.

5. You can watch the upload progress as files are uploaded and processed (progress spinner becomes checkmark). For video uploads, it may take some time, depending on the file size and your bandwidth. Click Create Content once all files show the checkmark to complete the upload process. 

6. You can Cancel the entire upload or click the X next to any file to cancel single files. We recommend that you only cancel files that have completely processed or haven’t started processing yet. If you delete the lowest file on the list while it is still processing, it can derail the upload.

7. These files will all be added to your current folder, so we recommend uploading batches of files by folder. Files default to upload with their filename as the Title, so we also recommend making meaningful, distinctive filenames that include keywords and dates (for time sensitive content) before uploading.

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