Video training the most common form of content here at ExpandShare. When a video is added to the course, the video must be played from start to finish by your employees in order for them to get credit for the course, making them a great first edition to any training!


We can add videos by clicking the “Video” button, and we will be greeted by this window:


ExpandShare supports all major video format types, so you can upload your videos right away by clicking “upload”. If your business already has a Wistia account for creating content, we can link your videos directly into the course by placing the video’s Wistia ID in the bottom field. Like always, give your work a title. If you think the video needs a bit of context, the “Content” window is for you. Here, you can add any text, with or without Markdown, to appear alongside the video in the course.


Take a look at the checkbox at the top: clicking the “Exclude from TOC” box hides the content from any course breakdown, making it hidden to your employees until they reach where the content is in the course.

Got all that? Great! You just uploaded your first video of your first course, and it only gets easier from here!