Ok, now that you have some content in the course, you can now quiz your employees. Don’t panic! These are placed in the course just like content, there are just a couple more quick steps to making a custom question.

Click the plus and select “question” and the create question window opens. Here's the breakdown:

The “Title” Field is what will appear on the table of contents (you can hide this at the top if you would like a pop quiz.) This is a good place to number your questions

The “Question” field is what you’re actually asking of the employee.

“Additional Content” can be used for big questions, like critical thinking exercises.

The “choices” field is for making the responses your employees will select.



The course builder requires 2+ choices to be added in order to measure the employee’s understanding of the data. If the answer given is a correct answer, click the “correct” check box.

Take some time to build out your questions: consider the common mistakes made by your employees, and create questions to rule these flaws out of your workforce.


Use “Correct answer feedback” to display text when the user gets an answer correct. They won’t know until the end if it’s left blank. The same rules apply for “Incorrect answer feedback,” except you can also upload add a video to give your employees a refresher.


Great, now we a have a question!


At the end of the course, place a “Submit & Score” tile. This will determine the accuracy of all the questions answered in the course.