Welcome to the ExpandShare course builder! The course builder is the perfect way to create an interactive learning tutorial for your employees. You can view all of your company’s courses by clicking the course button on the submenu:


You’re probably here because your course tab looks empty: don’t worry. In this guide, we will be creating your first course with you, so you can create training for your employees on your own!


Click “+ New Course” and give it a title. All of the options above are optional, but we highly suggest a course name right off the bat, just in case the course has to be saved and built later.

Below the title options is the real meat of the course builder. To add content to the course, click the tile outline with the “+” inside. The next step is to choose the type of content you would like to add to the course. The larger buttons are at the top are for content that you create, and the smaller buttons below are tools to help gauge how well your employees are doing in the course. The next articles explore how to use each button, starting with videos.