The expand media library requires all content to be in folders. Click the “Add Folder” button to create one. You will be directed to the window below where you can edit the following information:

  • Folder name

  • Folder placement

  • Folder Picture

  • Folder PermissionsScreen_Shot_2018-06-14_at_11.16.35_AM.png

Now you can add content to the media library.  Go to the new folder in the library and click the “Add Content” button that just appeared to the right of "New Folder," and this window appears:


If the file is on your computer, click “Upload File” and select your desired file; I chose the image above for this example.


You can change the image thumbnail to any image on your computer or a pre existing image in the media library. Don’t forget to name your file! Your file is now ready to upload, but there are some advanced features at your disposal.


Advanced Features allow you to choose the content’s placement and visibility, just like the folder creation page. By default, these file features are left blank and the file inherits the permissions of its folder.


If the file exists somewhere else on the web, such as YouTube or Vimeo, use the “Add URL” to create an easy to access link for your employees. You can also add Expand courses you’ve created or purchased directly into folders just like any other content.