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Assigning Learning Tracks

Assigning Learning Tracks is the most common way of assigning training within ExpandShare.  When in the Admin Console click Learning Tracks from the sidebar to show your list of Learning Tracks. After locating the learning track you would like to assign, hover over the title and click the Assign button. From the dialog box, you can select groups & locations to assign the Learning Track to, and you can search for individual users to add to the assignment list.  Once you click the Assign button, the assignments will be generated and posted on users' assignment lists.

Adding new users to existing Learning Tracks

When you're only adding users to an existing learning track, it is critical to not remove any existing roles, locations, or individuals from the list. The unintended removal of other users from an assignment can cause confusion, and potentially disrupt the flow of training for those users. If it is your intention to remove users from a learning track, this step is safe to take.

The "Assign" button can be intimidating when it shows 100s or 1000s of users and you only added a few. This is OK. All you're really doing is updating the list of users that the learning track is assigned to. This will not create duplicate assignments, reset progress, or notify users that you have updated an assignment they're a part of. 



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