To create a new Learning Track, click Learning Tracks in the sidebar, then click Create Learning Track.  Give your Learning Track a Title, which is how it will appear in the list.  

You also need to give your Learning Track a Priority which will determine the order in which it will appear in a user's Home page.  When a user has multiple Roadmaps assigned, then they will appear in numerical order on the list.  Set higher priority Roadmaps that you want to appear first with a lower number.  And leave space between numbers so you can insert other Roadmaps into the scheme later.

The Next page is the Learning Track editor.  All of the courses you have will appear on the left.  The Roadmap builder is in the center column.  To add courses, click the Add button on the course, or drag and drop the item to the builder.

The order of the items in a Learning Track are from top to bottom.  You can re-order them by clicking and dragging the item in the builder.  To delete an item from the builder, select it and then click the Delete button in the item detail area which is located in the last column of the builder

A unique feature of Learning Track is the ability to stage content out over time.  You can have items in a Learning Track assigned to a user over a course of days.  Day 0 is the day that a user is added to the group that the Track is assigned to.  After that, the team member will receive the courses on the day you assign in the builder. 

So, if you want to deliver one course a week, set the time delay to 7 days for each course.  You can model what days of the week the courses will be delivered on by setting the "Label as if track starts on a ..." setting.  That way you can make sure not to deliver content on undesirable days, like weekends.

When you are done, you can Save your Learning Track as a Draft or Publish It.  Only Published Learning Tracks can be assigned to Groups (and they are harder to delete, so just save as Draft until you are sure you are ready to assign them.