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Admin:How to Create Learning Tracks

To create a new Learning Track, click Learning Tracks in the sidebar, then click Create Learning Track. Enter a Title, which is how it will appear to users.

You can give your Learning Track a Priority which will determine the order that it will appear in a user's assignment Feed. When a user has multiple assignments, then they will prioritize in numerical order. Set higher priority Roadmaps that you want to appear first with a lower number. Leave space between priority numbers so you can easily insert other assignments later. Instant Assignments and Posts always post with priority of 1, so if you ever need a Learning Track to post ahead of all past and future announcements, use 0 (zero) as the Priority for that LT.

The Learning Track editor shows all of your Courses on the left, with another tab to add Library items. The Learning Track builder is in the center column. To add Courses, click the Add button next to any course, or drag and drop the item to the "Drop content here" area with the dotted outline. To add Library content, change from the Courses tab to the Library tab and search to find the library item, clicking Add or dragging the items into the Learning Track in the center column.

The order of the items in a Learning Track is from top to bottom. You can re-order them by clicking and dragging items in the builder. To remove an item from the Learning Track, click to select it and then click the Delete button in the item detail area located in the right column of the builder. This will not delete the Course or Library content, but just removes it from this Learning Track.

A unique feature of Learning Track is the ability to stage content out over time. You can have items in a Learning Track assigned to a user either immediately (all set to zero) or staged over a course of days as a drip campaign. Day 0 is the day that a user is added to the group that the Track is assigned to. After that, the team member will receive courses staggered by the number of days that you designate from the prior item.

So, if you want to deliver one course a week, set the time delay to 0 for the first course and 7 days for each following course. You can model what days of the week the courses will be delivered on by setting the "Label as if track starts on a ..." setting. That way you can make sure not to deliver content on undesirable days, like weekends.

Click Publish to save your Learning Track. It won't be assigned or seen by users until you mouse over the title in the Learning Track list and select Assign, and then select either Everyone or some combination of Groups, Locations and individual Users. If you select multiple Groups, it will be assigned to any user who is a member of at least one of those Groups. If you select one or more Locations, it will be limited to users at those Locations only, as well as being limited to users in any selected Groups. Any Users added in the final line will receive the assignment in addition, even if they are not in the selected Groups or Locations.

NOTE: Each time you edit the Learning Track assignment, you are potentially changing every prior assignment, so edit carefully. In general, you will want to add users or groups to a LT assignment. If you deselect a Group that was assigned the LT earlier and add a single user, the Learning Track will now only be assigned to the single user (plus anyone from the Group who may have already started or completed the LT.) Also, if you select a Group and the unselect it, the assignment will default back to Everyone, which will assign to all of your users. Keep an eye on the blue Assign to X users button to avoid mistakes here.

Users assigned the Learning Track will immediately be able to see the Courses and Library items from the Learning Track in their home feed. Other users that onboard at a later date or are transferred into Groups or Locations with the assignment will also be assigned the Learning Track as they are added to the appropriate Groups and Locations. 

There is no automatic notification sent out for Learning Tracks, but Admins can mouse over the title and select Notify at any time. This will send an App Alert to iOS and Android users and emails to other assigned users who have not yet completed the Learning Track. Users with uncompleted Learning Tracks will also receive a weekly notification digest email, reminding them of remaining tasks to do.

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