Choose Team Members from Team Management in the sidebarThe next page shows all of your invited and active team members. Scroll to the bottom of the list and you will see a blue button that says Invite New Members. 

You will see another page called Invite Team Members. You will see fields for (email), First Name (optional), and Last Name (optional) to invite single users.

If you wish to add another single user, click Add Another, in addition to the initial three, or Add many at once

To add many at once, you can use data from a word document or excel spreadsheet. All you need is a list of email addresses. Copy and paste the list directly from the app. You can have one email on each line, or you can have them as comma-separated values. 

You are also able to add team members to groups during the invitation process, just search for the group that you want to add the set of users to. Once you have filled in text boxes with team members email addresses, you click Send Invitations. 

When you click this button the system will send invitations to all of the team members’ email addresses. They will get an email from ExpandShare inviting them as a team member. Your team member will click Join Now and will be directed to a website confirming their email address and password. From this website they will be sent a link to the company app that they will proceed to download. They will then sign in to the app with their account to become a team member. 

After you have clicked Send Invitationsyou will be redirected to the Team Members page. The team members page shows up 20 invited/active team members. If you have more team members, there will be a button in the bottom right of the page labeled Next.

When your invited team member(s) accept the invitation, the teal ‘Invited’ label will turn to a blue ‘Active’ label.